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Who We are

Founded by John E. Anderson, Topa Equities Ltd is a private, family-owned, diversified holding company headquartered in Los Angeles, with more than 25 subsidiaries with primary locations in Southern California, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Topa has four main lines of business: beverage distribution, automotive retail, insurance/financing, and real estate. Employees across the consolidated group total approximately 2,100 people.

Our History

John E. Anderson was the son of a barber, grew up in Minneapolis and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA on a hockey scholarship. After graduating from UCLA in 1940, Mr. Anderson earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1942. He passed his CPA exam while serving on the staff of a Navy admiral during World War II.

Back in Los Angeles after the war, Mr.  Anderson worked at the Arthur Andersen & Co. accounting firm during the day and attended Loyola University School of Law at night.  In 1953, three years after earning his law degree, he co-founded the Los Angeles law firm of Kindel & Anderson.

Mr. Anderson launched his business holdings in 1956 with the purchase of a Hamm’s beer distributorship in downtown L.A and from there it grew from a single distributorship to a billion+ dollar holding company of beverage, real estate, automobile dealerships and other assets.  The Anderson family has stayed consistent in their approach and their values, focused on ethical business practices and doing “right” to employees, policyholders, supplier partners, products and business constituents.

In 1987, Mr. Anderson and his wife, Marion, donated $15 million to the UCLA Graduate School of Management and in recognition of the gift, the graduate business school is known as the UCLA Anderson School of Management.


This past year has been a transition year for Topa Equities.  The company has defined its go-forward corporate governance and executive leadership succession. Today, Topa Equities is overseen by the board of directors which includes: Bill Anderson as Executive Chairman, John Anderson Jr., Judy Munzig, Susan McKinley, and outside independent advisor Pat Haden.

As Topa Equities continues to be a leading portfolio of profitable businesses in Southern California, the leadership team is poised to shape a new future for the organization. The Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on its differentiated capital base, proprietary business relationships, and legacy subsidiary businesses.